My name is Carmen Low, I’m an expert in leadership and lifestyle based in Brisbane, Australia. I help bring out the leader in you!

I’m an avid, passionate runner, and also known to compete in the odd triathlon. Marathons are my favourite distance and long runs are my meditation.

Whilst I prefer small groups, or  individuals, I also delight in pounding the pavement with tens of thousands of people in my running adventures.

I look at life a bit differently, and provide perspectives rarely seen. I want to teach everyone how to be a leader, by showing them how to dance to the beat of their own drum.

“I love being part of the running and multi-sport community, and often schedule holidays around events.”

When not competing, you will see me shouting from the sideline, encouraging everyone across the line.

You will often find me scribbling down notes around my next big leadership project, whilst catching some sun.

– Carmen –

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