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To make a Life Coaching booking with Carmen Low, please utilise the on-line calendar below.  

If you are a Business or Entrepreneur, please phone Carmen on 0413250413 or email her to make an initial meeting. 

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Life Coaching with Carmen.


Business Consultation with Carmen.

Coaching Consultation Prices


Consultations via phone or skype, price includes phone costs.  Carmen will phone on your given number, at appointment time.   If you require Skype, please advise Carmen via booking page with details.

  • 60 min Consultation AUD $150
  • 90 min Consultation AUD $220
  • 45 min Consultation AUD $120 (previous clients only)
  • 30 min Consultation AUD $80 (previous clients only)

Payment is required in full by credit card at the end of the consultation. (For alternative payment methods, please discuss with Carmen.)


NEW! In-person consultations, are now available every Thursday (only) at Northside Meetings and Letter Lounge Cafe, 110 Windsor Road, Red Hill.  Please select “in-person consultation” when booking.

  • 60 min Consultation AUD $185

Payment is required PRIOR to consultation time.  Upon booking, an invoice will be sent to your specified email address for payment. 

Business/Entrepreneur Consultations

Business Consultations are in-person at your workplace, or mutually agreeable location.  Prices and quotations on request.   

Private Running Coaching

If you would like help getting started in running, or to build your running confidence, please contact Carmen on 0413250413 or SMS, to start the ball rolling. 


Carmen Low - Mindful Coaching in Life and Running

Carmen Low – Mindful Coaching in Life and Running

Helping you get clear and achieve your life and running goals.
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What People Are Saying

I had my first session with Carmen when I was 25, almost 10 years ago! I started my sessions in person in Brisbane, then when I moved across to WA we had phone sessions and now I’m overseas our sessions are via Skype! Thank god for modern technology! .. It’s hard to say how she does it exactly, but after every session I feel light, relieved, relaxed and with a deep and clear insight into what’s been going on for me.  Carmen is extremely good at picking up things that I’m unaware of and together we can work through them.   Carmen’s sessions are the most amazing of any of the therapies I’ve ever tried as she helps me to really connect with myself on a soul level.  She is an amazing role model and woman I look up to and admire and I’m so thankful she does the work she does so we can all benefit! I look forward to connecting with her for many years to come!

~ Honor, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

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