Businesses and Entrepreneurs


Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Helping Businesses and Entrepreneurs, create and maintain, a healthy business heart.


Good Foundations and a Healthy Heart

I believe in solid foundations – for everything!  This means making sure your business ideas, vision, and leadership is rock solid.  This, of course, starts with you! 

I believe in maintaining a happy, healthy heart.  This means you, and your business (and people) breathe life and vitality into what you do.  If the heart beats strongly, so will your business and subsequent cash flow.

My Role 

My job initially is to assess your foundations and heart beat.  I will assist you in firming up the required areas (e.g. vision, communication),  teach you (as an owner, director, manager and human being) how to lead from the top, maintain a strong focus and communicate clearly.  I will challenge your thinking, direct you onto the best path (for you and your business), and provide practical strategies along the way.

I will help you select the right staff to complement and enhance your vision, and assess your current team players, to ensure your business soars.

My common sense approach brings thoughts into action, quickly.  My lifestyle approach, ensures your work-life-balance is on point.

My Services

I work directly with business owners through development and strategic meetings, and planning sessions.   These unique meetings and sessions will assist you (and your business) in:-

  • Clarifying and Setting a Vision
  • Clarifying Roles (position descriptions, including your own)
  • Building a Heirarchy
  • Improving and Understanding Communication (between business partners, employees and stakeholders)
  • Leadership Mentoring
  • Mediation for relationship concerns
  • Staff Assessments
  • Staff Interviewing and much more.

My unique approach is holistic and will help you (and your business) get to where you need it to be.  


I have worked in clinic for more than 10 years as a Kinesiologist and Life Coach.  I have a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management) and am a Level 2 Recreational Running Coach.  I currently own and run two businesses.  My background, clinic skills and qualifications bring an extremely well-rounded approach to help you and your business practically and emotionally.  (A uniqueness you won’t typically find in a Human Resource Consultant.)  

Some of the Businesses I Have Worked With

Bubbles Organic

Bare Therapies

All Aces Cleaning and Restoration

ACRA (Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy)

Carpet Cleaning Kings

KCJ Restoration

Define Me Fitness

Superior Cleaning Services

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To see what I can do for you and your business, contact me by phone 0413250413 or email to discuss your needs.

Business and Entrepreneurs

Business Consultation with Carmen.

Carmen Low Kinesiology

CARMEN LOW – Life Coach, Kinesiology and Beginner Running Coach

You Are A Leader. You Just Don’t Know It Yet.
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What People Are Saying

“I have had both in person and phone consultations with Carmen for now over 8 years. She has been a pivotal part of my journey. There are times when speaking with her was the only thing I needed to get through what I now refer to as ‘my breakdown before my breakthrough’!

Thank you so much for your unwavering support and love. You are a very special person and I feel very blessed to have you in my life.”

– Kate, Founder of “Bubbles Organic” – Gold Coast, Australia.