Helping Businesses get their Heart Back

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Recently I have been working alongside an amazing ‘go-getting’ couple, Garry Carroll and Lorelle McCulloch, from the Australian Cleaning and Restoration Academy (ACRA).  They help businesses, essentially in the Cleaning and Restoration industry, become more profitable, and saleable.  It is a massive task as you can imagine.

The majority of the businesses Garry and Lorelle are helping, are small-medium businesses moving into a bigger arena.  These already successful businesses are mostly born from husband/wife, family or friend teams.  Whilst it is a great platform to start a business from, these close relationships, if not handled properly, can quickly be detrimental to the overall running and growth of the business.

Garry and Lorelle are absolute experts in the technical and business sides.  They probably could nut their way around some relationship and communication issues, but they didn’t want to be wasting their valuable time and were savvy enough to bring me in to help.  (Thanks Garry and Lorelle!)

My Role

My main task has been to deal with the business owners on a close intimate level through one-on-one consulting, team consulting (management team), and also assist in assessing staff in relation to their fit in the business.

My involvement has helped:-

  • clarify vision – for the business and the owner’s lives
  • sort out leadership – if more than one owner, who does what
  • clarify roles
  • build a hierarchy
  • deal with various emotional issues (individually, team)
  • mediation for relationship issues
  • leadership mentoring – how to be a boss
  • educate owners and support people, how they all work and best ways to communicate to get things done.

My job has helped the owners, hence the business, and also Garry and Lorelle (their support network) to work better as a team, so the business thrives and everyone involved gets what they need from the experience.

What Is So Special?

Even though I have worked with businesses before, and many entrepreneurs, this way of working seems special, progressive and exciting.  Unlike clinic where you never really ‘see’ the reality of the client’s life, working in this way, I am privy to a whole lot more, which adds extra depth to my work, and their life.  Helping businesses get heart back is a privilege.

It is so interesting and fascinating working with people in their own environment, and seeing (in real terms) the importance and responsibility of their business.  It has given me a newfound respect for all businesses.  Not only does a business have to provide good quality services to customers, it provides quality of life and value to its participants (employees).  It literally provides life.  That is a whole lot of responsibility.

This may not be earth shattering news to you.  However, for me, it puts into perspective how important it is for a business to have a strong, healthy, beating heart – all the way through conception to adulthood.

Conception to Adulthood for a Business

When a business starts off, it is part of the person who created it (like a newborn).  As the business starts to grow, it becomes an extension of the creator (like a young child).  At some point, the business starts to take on its own identity (like an adult).  This could be major expansion in quick succession, or alternatively, closures and lack of take-offs.  At this turning point, it is imperative to identify the true heart of the business; what makes it beat loudly; and where it needs to provide life.  Or, do we need to pull the plug.

Sometimes in this adult phase of a business, it may mean the business needs a new heart to get it to the next level.  At other times, it may simply mean the current heart needs some re-alignment, and a fresh, new perspective.

Being the Heart Healer -for Individuals and Businesses

As my dear psychic and numerology friend Sarah Yip, would attest, my work and life has been and will continue to be, one which helps people heal their hearts.  Whether by helping people get their life back on track; teaching them how to listen to themselves (and their heart); or providing strategies as how to act in accordance with it.  Working with businesses is yet another extension.

The beauty of working with businesses and helping the heart of the business to beat strongly again, is that it helps many other hearts at the same time – including owners, employees, customers, stakeholders, and all their families and friends.

Helping Businesses get Heart Back

Putting the Heart back into Business

A Strong Beating Heart

A clear purposeful business with a strong leadership team and vision, will always ignite passions; staff will have meaning, purpose and most of all feel valued and loved; and the product and service delivered will equally provide an energetic source of life.  What it all adds up to is a beautiful flow of good old fashioned love spreading through the veins of society, providing what is needed,  in the way it is needed.

If all businesses and ourselves individually took great care in helping our hearts beat louder and stronger each day, then maybe, just maybe, we might be a little bit happier in our lives.

Go on.  Have a listen.  Is your heart beating strongly? Or do you need a bit of heart healing?