What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses muscle monitoring (testing) to evaluate what is going on for you.  Every muscle, when working well, will show no stress and do what it is told.  A muscle will be strong (switch on) when supposed to, and will relax (switch off) when supposed to.  If the muscle does not behave, there is stress and something needs to be addressed. 

A good professional Kinesiologist will be able to detect the cause of the stress and use various methods to bring the body and mind, back into a balanced state .  This helps create new pathways towards a healthier life.  

Each Kinesiologist has their own area of speciality eg. health, nutrition, relationships, life direction.  This will match their balancing methods.  It is therefore important, to find the right practitioner for you.  

My Expertise   

After more than 10 years in clinic, I have found my niche in the areas of:- Career, Business, Relationships, Life Purpose and Lifestyle. 

I have finely tuned my skills over the years, to a degree where I am able to use myself as a surrogate for muscle monitoring.  This means I do not need to have physical contact with you to detect what is going on with you.  After many years of practice, I have become extremely sensitive to the subtle changes in a person’s energy state.  Therefore, I am a master at getting to the truth quickly, simply by talking to you.  Try a phone/skype consultation with me today.  

Consultations with Carmen

I am a very practical person and use coaching style methods in my consultations.  All consultations are by phone or skype.  Consequently, this gives you flexibility, is time efficient, avoids traffic and saves you money (including baby sitting fees). 

During a consultation I will:-

  • Highlight what areas of your life needs addressing 
  • Bring you clarity
  • Provide lifestyle strategies
  • Give you a reality check
  • Teach you practical ways to cement permanent positive changes.

As a result, you will learn to lead your life and become a role model in your family, community and society. 


Carmen Low Kinesiology

CARMEN LOW – Life Coach, Kinesiology and Beginner Running Coach

You Are A Leader. You Just Don’t Know It Yet.

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What People Are Saying

I had my first session with Carmen when I was 25, almost 7 years ago! I started my sessions in person in Brisbane, then when I moved across to WA we had phone sessions and now I’m overseas our sessions are via Skype! Thank god for modern technology! .. It’s hard to say how she does it exactly, but after every session I feel light, relieved, relaxed and with a deep and clear insight into what’s been going on for me.  Carmen is extremely good at picking up things that I’m unaware of and together we can work through them.   Carmen’s sessions are the most amazing of any of the therapies I’ve ever tried as she helps me to really connect with myself on a soul level.  She is an amazing role model and woman I look up to and admire and I’m so thankful she does the work she does so we can all benefit! I look forward to connecting with her for many years to come!

~ Honor, Chiang Mai, Thailand