Life Coaching

Life Coaching is all about your life

How I Work

As a Life Coach, I look at life differently.   As a result, I will stretch your thinking and give you perspectives you’ve never seen.  Working with me will help you build good solid foundations, make you accountable, and teach you to go ‘with’ the tide of your life, rather than floundering upstream.

I am firm, yet fair. Compassionate, yet no nonsense. Holistic, yet very practical.  Kind, but brutally honest.

Can I Work With You?

To work with me, you are committed to making changes and willing to put in the work.  If we choose to work together for a period of time, you will show dedication and as a result, will receive access to me outside scheduled consultations. 

I take limited clients so I can invest in you. 

My Expertise

I focus on your life and what is required for you.  I have an expansive knowledge with over a decade clinic experience and 40 years plus life experience.  If what you need is not my area of expertise, I have a network of experienced practitioners who are ready to help. 

CAREER – guidance, direction, transitioning


  • Start-ups/entrepreneurs – is it the right fit, prioritising, work/life/balance
  • Existing businesses – highlight the right areas to focus on, improve culture, increase viability
  • Management/Staff – general overhaul, how to work on common goal

RELATIONSHIPS (couple or work) – how to work as a team, strategies, priorities, work/life/balance 

LIFESTYLE – what are you aiming for, does it fit your current life, why it isn’t working, how to achieve it  


Consultations with Carmen

All consultations are by phone or skype.  Consequently, this gives you flexibility (if travelling), is time efficient, avoids traffic and saves you money.  Whilst it is preferable to work together over a period of time, I also understand that single consultations are beneficial.  I offer both single (one-off) consultations, and the opportunity to work together over a period of time.  The length of time will depend on you, your budget, and what you wish to achieve.  If you wish to work together for a period of time, please contact me by email at or phone 0413250413 to discuss your needs. 


Carmen Low Kinesiology

CARMEN LOW – Life Coach, Kinesiology and Beginner Running Coach

You Are A Leader. You Just Don’t Know It Yet.
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What People Are Saying

“I have been working with Carmen consistently for over 5 years now and the results have been outstanding. She is absolutely my mentor and go to superwoman for pushing boundaries and releasing blocks.

– Penny, Sydney