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“Learn to Run and Use your Energy Effectively” 


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***No running experience necessary***

Learn all the basics of running, with a ‘mindful’ and ‘holistic’ difference, in a comfortable, supportive, women-only environment.  This Beginner Mindful Running Course is dedicated to help you go from zero to hero in just one term.  We will teach you the basics, develop your confidence and get you started, in of course, a mindful way!  You will discover your love of running, learn how to relax whilst running and have fun along the way.  You will gain confidence to run your own, in a coached group, or with like-minded friends.

You will learn:-

  • How to run – basic running techniques and skills, with a mindful difference.
  • Natural running and going with our ‘flow’.
  • Pacing – 3 gear principle.
  • Breathing – including techniques to alleviate your anxiety.
  • How to use your energy effectively – exerting less to achieve more.
  • Cadence – what it is, and why have quick feet.
  • Heart Rate – how to use it in your running.
  • The Art of ‘Slow Running” and its benefits.
  • Hill Running – learn to love hills.

At the end of the term you will achieve:-

  • Running skills
  • Increased fitness
  • Success in running non-stop for (at least) 1km
  • Body Awareness
  • Confidence to continue running on your own or in a group
  • A love of running!

This is suitable for Women who are:-

  • Beginners with no knowledge of running.
  • Returning to running after a break.
  • Wanting to brush up on their running skills mindfully.
  • Gradually getting back to running, without pressure.
  • Wanting an introduction before joining our regular “Mindful Running for Women Sessions”.



For more information, or if you would like a course designed for you or your business/organisation, please contact Carmen by email below.  Alternatively, contact Carmen by phone or SMS 0413250413. 

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Beginner in 2016, now 3 x B2B Finisher and Runner, Margot

What People are Saying

“Learnt so much from Carmen Low couldn’t recommend this to enough to anyone who wants to run, improve their technique or build up their running capacity. Looking forward to kicking the next goal!”