Morris got Married

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Oh My Goodness!!!  Morris got Married!!!!

I am a BIG fan of Morris the Wombat!  Pictured here on the left, or is it the right??  He is a little bit furry, cute as a button, lives in the luxurious confines of the Sir Stamford Hotel at Circular Quay, Sydney (posh!), and always gives me the best advice.

I visit him whenever I’m in Sydney.  We have a chat (I do most of the talking, he’s such a good listener), we catch up, and he always shares some great words of wisdom.  Mostly he gives me racing tips (not the giddy-up kind), but occasionally he will drop a bombshell.

At my last visit recently, he dropped the big one!!! 

That’s right folks – Morris got Married!!

Well, I was surprised of course.  After I got over the “why didn’t I get an invite?” and “where’s the pictures?”, he introduced me to his new beloved….Wayne!!!!  Apparently it was love at first sight. When Wayne scurried slowly across the floor, Morris knew it was meant to be.  Their tiny wombat eyes met, and the rest is history.  Awwwwww… Isn’t love grand!!

Since I deemed it quite inappropriate to ask my usual advice, when Morris and Wayne were so obviously loved up, I congratulated them both, gave them a few friendly pats, and went on my way.

Now, you might think that this is just another love story, but you would be wrong.

It is about being mindful, respectful and considerate when the unexpected happens; or when your pal Morris dumps you for another furry friend.

Whilst I would have preferred to have gotten to know Wayne a little better before the nuptials were made, it really isn’t my decision to make.  You can see by the sparkle in their tiny wombat eyes, that true wombat love is alive and well in the foyer of the Sir Stamford Hotel.

Here’s cheers to you, Morris and Wayne the Wombats!!  May your wombat dreams come true.