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“Self taught and a slow learner, I became a runner at 36 years of age.”

My dream job growing up was to be a professional tennis player, or Physical Education (PE) Teacher.  I was never disciplined enough or talented enough for the circuit.  I simply didn’t pursue teaching because I was a terrible, panicky swimmer.  Who knew you could actually ‘learn’ how to be more proficient!!  So I put those silly dreams and natural urges aside and just got on with life – unaware, oblivious and unconscious to myself. 

I played competitive tennis and indoor cricket.  I reluctantly went to the gym when shift-work made regular competition difficult.  I pleaded with my Bootcamp instructor for more run components.  I would run with my dog, on my own, and with others who were training for fun runs.  It never occurred to me to participate.  I loved to run, but I never thought, or saw myself, as a runner.  I had so many barriers, that it simply was incomprehensible. 

“I suffered terrible panic attacks in my first Bridge to Brisbane and Gold Coast 10km runs, and still to this day, in triathlons.” 

In my early 30s, my life started to unravel.  My inner natural urges and desires started to take shape and I began listening.  I quit a successful career in the Police, to start a new career in natural therapies; left a 7 year marriage (17 year relationship); moved states; downsized from a fully furnished 3 bed house to a 1 bedroom unit across the road from the beach; drank lots of green tea; watched many whales frolic; ran every day; felt free, and met a man (now my husband) who encouraged me to find solutions to pursue my sporting dreams.   

More than a decade on and I have completed countless running and triathlon events.  I now teach adults how to pursue their own dreams in life and in running.  Whilst I still face old fears each morning prior to taking a session, I have learnt ways to lessen them.  Practice and experience creates loops of success, and knowing how to access those memories, helps me get back on the horse (so to speak). 

“…practice and experience, creates loops of success…”

The amazing and unexpected gain from listening and following my urges and desires mindfully, was I naturally altered my life in a much more positive way, in alignment with who I truly am.  I soon began living the lifestyle I had always wanted, and the parts of my life which didn’t fit anymore, fell away easily and without effort.  I was no longer pleading to do something for myself, or busy justifying what I was doing.  I just got on with it and kept running.  

It wasn’t until 2014 when I trained a dear friend, Melanie, to her first Half Marathon and saw these changes replicate in her life as well, that I knew this was real.   

Running has made me a better person, and given me the confidence and strength to run my own race, my way.    

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Run to Lead Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014 with Carmen Low and Melanie Pietrobon

Melanie Pietrobon after completing her first Half-Marathon, Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014

What People are Saying

“Wow! I don’t know how to even begin describing the experience of a Half Marathon and the path that got me to the finish line…Without Carmen’s help, running tips and ongoing support I would never have been able to do it.  

She wrote me a 10 week program to start me on my training schedule, this become my bible.  A lot of things had to change in my life for me to be able to put in 100%; this did not happen right away but as my training increased my priorities changed.

She gave me everything and more for me to complete the run. All that was left for me to do was RUN! And run I did, I crossed the finish line in the time that we together had planned 2hrs 15mins.

I will forever be so grateful for all that Carmen give to me in my journey and so lucky to have gained so much, confidence, courage and strength all things that have made me a better me.”

Melanie Pietrobon – Runner and Personal Trainer

“At 37 I Began Training. At 39 I Represented Australia at the Auckland World Triathlon Championship.”

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