Run to Lead – Pilot Program Update

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The “Run to Lead – 6 Week to 5km” pilot program is currently in its final week.  Here is an update on how the program has been going and what I have learnt throughout the process.

The Program

The program began with 3 participants – a favourable number for a pilot program.  All participants were excited and rearing to go as they received their personalised program and started warming up for the first group session.

Group Run Sessions

Participant 1 made it to the first group session, as rain, wind and some intermittent thunder cracks came out to play.  Week 2 saw Participant 2  join in for some efforts along the riverside walkway with the Obama entourage keeping us entertained.  We ventured into the City Gardens for Week 3, where Participant 2 was joined by a fellow runner  who kept her company in some longer efforts.  Week 4 was abandoned due to the severe storm.  Week 5 and Week 6 group runs has similarly been abandoned due to life circumstances of each participant i.e. work, home, family being a priority.

Success or Failure?

You could say that this was not a very successful program, but in fact you would be wrong.  The “Run to Lead” philosophy is all about promoting leadership through running.  This means knowing when to run, and when not to.

Each participant learnt what was important in their life; what they could reasonably fit into their current life; and how to successfully prioritise their life when unforeseen circumstances arise.  This is success and good leadership.

You don’t necessarily have to achieve a desired goal to be successful in life.  Success comes from good leadership which is ultimately working with your current circumstances and being able to navigate through the ebbs and flows with ease.

So after a successful pilot program, I am happy to announce I will be offering regular programs in 2015 including a “6 Week – Run for fun” Beginner Program, and a “6 Week to 5km” Ocassional Runner Program.  Find out more and register here.