Learn Mindful Running

Mindful Running Australia help beginners get running. 

Our Training

We off three types of training – 1. Beginner Mindful Training, 2. Mindful Running Sessions and 3. Friday Run Club. Our Beginner Mindful Training runs (excuse the pun) for a 10 week term, and eases you into running.  Our Mindful Running Sessions are interval based, so offers plenty of stops, pauses and breaks.  These sessions are beginner friendly and will help you gain more confidence running, as well as teaching you some mindful techniques to keep you healthy and balanced.  Friday Run Club is a social, slow 60min which will improve your endurance.  Fridays are ‘mindful’ and are mostly about smelling the roses along the way.  Ideal for beginners and a great way to meet other like-minded women.

Learn to Run Mindfully (Small group/1on1)

For those who would like to learn to run, and in a ‘mindful’ way, Carmen offers private and small group coaching sessions to get you started.  Whether you are an individual, have a group of friends, or a team of work colleagues, Carmen can get you started.

Over 4 weeks you will learn:-

  • The basic running techniques
  • Your 3 gears, and how to use them effectively
  • How to (and why) run slow to get faster
  • What is mindful running
  • Running etiquette and jargon.

At the end of the 4 weeks, you will have more running confidence, and a running plan for you to continue your mindful running journey.  If you would like a further personalised training plan, Carmen can also assist.

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Mindful Running at Retreats

If you are having a retreat, or workshop, Carmen is able to deliver Mindful Running Sessions to your participants.  This will include:

  • a gentle run/walk (tailored to your groups needs)
  • introduction to running with basic techniques
  • discussion points, information and techniques on mindful running and mindful living.

Contact Carmen for more information, to see how she can bring mindful running/moving/living into your event.

Latest Retreats

Mindful Running Stradbroke Island 2018

Rest and Be Thankful Retreat, Stradbroke Island 2018

Mindful Running Stradbroke Island Retreat 2018

Mindful Running, Rest and Be Thankful Retreat, 2018

What People are Saying

“One-on-one coaching with Carmen Low’s Mindful Running program*.Towards the end of my 12 weeks beginners’ program with Operation Move, Carmen made contact with me after women in her program noticed I’d been learning to run. After chatting with Carmen, I signed up for three one-on-one sessions. See, I’d completed all the runs prescribed in Operation Move, but I’d never had someone actually look at HOW I was running. One thing from our sessions (I’ve got one more to go) has made a massive difference – Carmen got me to slow right down so that my easy pace was one that felt like I could just keep on running all day. This one thing was a game changer.

Nikki Parkinson – “Styling You”,  Styling Guru & Runner