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“Exert Less. Achieve More.”

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Basic Training

Strap on your running shoes & learn mindful running!

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Mindful Running for Women

Join one of our training sessions for ladies of all ages.

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Private Coaching

One-on-one training, tailored to your needs.

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“Mindful Running isn’t just about running more efficiently. It’s an attitude for how to run your life.

What is Mindful Running?

Mindful Running is simple. It is running with a sense of awareness and respect for your body (physical, mental and emotional), your surroundings, the people you are with, and the community at large. It is running with intention, and in alignment with all aspects of your life. Not just to a stop watch.

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We Offer

  • Basic Training – beginner groups designed to teach you mindful running and get you started.
  • Mindful Running for Women
  • Private Coaching – 1-on-1, personalised programs, designed to suit your needs and goals.
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“At 37, I began training. At 39, I represented Australia in the World Triathlon Championships in NZ.”

Carmen Low 

Founder of Mindful Running Australia