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with my NEW Energy Focus Package 

 Let me Challenge you to Change

I know energy, which allows me to see your truth. Work with me to learn how to turn difficult choices into empowered decisions, using and understanding your own energy.

Energy and Transition Coaching 

Experience My Energy

 If you have reached breaking point, can’t see straight, feeling anxious, panicking and overwhelmed, my special magic powers will turn your chaos into calm. You will receive:

I listen and get you. I understand your struggle and pain, and see the constant loops you get caught in.  I see your patterns clearly, understand where they come from and know you can completely break the cycle, you just need a helping hand.

I see the truth of your pain and discomfort, and know what you are avoiding. I cut through your excuses and compassionately, help you face the changes you need to take, in mindset, behaviour, and actions. I keep you focused, on purpose, and aligned with your energy, so you can make those big bold moves. 

I know you have the answers!  You know yourself better than anyone.  You know what is right for you, and what isn’t.  I teach you how to listen and understand your own energetic rhythm.  I give you strength to follow your own convictions, walk in your truth, and make decisions best for you. 

Will change your life…for the better

My Love Notes…

My clients are special to me. I am privileged and honoured they share their most vulnerable sides with me, and I never take their trust for granted.

“I think I need Carmen” is my go-to response when I am questioning everything, feeling clear about nothing or simply need inspired clarity to help move forwards.

I first met Carmen 12 years ago. I can honestly attribute, finding the courage to make the most difficult decisions of my life so far, to having her unwavering kindness and support when I needed it most.

She has guided me through just about everything, including a heart breaking marriage separation, and the just as challenging time of leaning into love again.

Her energy work is incredible. I vividly remember the first time I REALLY got how incredible she was…we were on a phone session, hours apart in distance, my daughter was a sleeping toddler at the time. We were 10min into a visual meditation when my daughter stirred and I momentarily lost concentration. Carmen immediately responded with “Oh – I’ve lost you Kate..” without having any possible way of knowing I was distracted. Ive been a raving fan ever since.

She remains one of my most cherished mentors and guides to this day. Knowing she is there with her magical ability to redirect my attention to what is more aligned with my highest potential gives me peace and ease in my everyday life and I will always be grateful for her loving and supportive guidance.

Kate W.

I started working with Carmen with 1-on-1 sessions back in 2015 to work through some unhealthy family relationship dynamics. Carmen helped me to gain a greater understanding of my family, my role in the situation and to discover what I needed to be doing differently.

As a result of this initial work together, I have continued to work with Carmen over multiple years now and across different areas of my life. Working with her has helped me to gain the clarity to make the right choices for me and my life.

Whether it was to take the leap of faith to quit the ‘secure’ government work without another job lined up, letting go of unhealthy family relationships, support during a court case, calling out unacceptable behaviour or becoming a ‘little’ less broken to be in the right headspace to meet my fiancee!

If you are wanting clarity to understand a challenging situation in your life and you need support to make a hard decision, I recommend Carmen as your go-to woman!

Katrina C.

Carmen is one of the best humans there is! I’ve had regular sessions with Carmen for almost 15 years through many life events and even living in different countries.

There are not enough words to describe how amazing Carmen is.  She’s incredibly kind, encouraging, supportive, practical, realistic and non-judgemental. While at the same time able to challenge me and move me forward.

I always finish a session with clarity, new insight about myself and realistic action to take to help me get to where I need to be. After every session I think how lucky I am to have Carmen in my corner.

Honor S.

Get to know your unique Energy…

Hi I'm Carmen Low

I know ENERGY. Especially my own. 

For more than 17 years, I have been working with and teaching people about their own energy. Including:- how to understand it, how to work with it, and how to use it efficiently, to achieve more by exerting less. 

This translates into – big bold moves, leaps of faith (where you never look back), levelling up and accomplishments of previously unsurmountable challenges.

My clients have left secure jobs to become their own boss; closed thriving businesses to start new passion projects (even more lucrative); left long term unhappy relationships to discover true partnership and love; and invested in themselves to run their first name just a few.

Honouring your energy and deepest desires takes courage, and bravery. Let me teach you how to follow your truth, take charge and shine bright. You’ll never look back!